Camping and caravanning

The rules to know

The first technical inspection of a motor home is done 6 months after the vehicle is 4 years old. The technical inspection is valid for 2 years. During the technical inspection, an examiner must check 133 items. More on

Motorhome rental

Motorhome rental

A motorhome is a vehicle that allows you to enjoy a mix of mobility and accommodation. This leisure vehicle is ideal for family vacations.

Thanks to its spacious layout and its numerous equipment, families who decide to rent a motorhome will be able to benefit from an optimal comfort and enjoy a real taste of freedom. The motorhome simplifies the autonomy of your stay by benefiting from a quality comfort.

Rent a mobile home to spend a comfortable vacation discovering beautiful regions, taking into account several models of motor homes: nasturtium, profile, integral, van, caravan, van… More details on

Which destination to choose?

Looking for your next vacation destination? Visit for more ideas. Camping enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to original destinations. The selection of camping destinations is available for all tastes.

Camping in the mountains

Camping in the mountains

In search of nature and altitude, organize a camping in the mountains.

Camping by the lake

Camping by the lake

Enjoy the softness of water in a natural and quiet environment.

Country and forest campsites

Enjoy a 100% natural stay in a preserved and peaceful place.

How to choose your caravan ?

To choose your caravan, you must take into account your family situation: single, couple, large family. The model also depends on the car that will tow it.

The folding caravan

The folding caravan

The folding caravan provides space and comfort while improving your daily life. It is available in several ranges.

The canvas folding caravan

The canvas folding caravan

A canvas folding caravan is an expandable trailer that can be equipped with a hardtop and canvas covering.

The low loader caravan

The low loader caravan is a hybrid model of quality caravanning that combines both space and comfort in the cabin.

Motorhomes: on-board equipment

Numerous accessories significantly improve the comfort on board the motorhome.

Shutters, awning and canopy

Equip your motorhome or caravan with an awning to enlarge your living space. This additional space allows you to eat, cook, etc.

Stabilization chocks

In case of prolonged stop, stabilize your motorhome by using chocks as an accessory. This device is also suitable for your caravan.

Bicycle carriers for motorhomes

Simplify the transportation of your bicycles by attaching bike racks to your motorhome. Schedule bike rides while camping.

Which license to drive a motorhome ?

To drive a motorhome, you need to obtain a B license and its additional endorsements. This type of license authorizes you to drive vans, cars and motor homes of less than 3.5 tons. The other additional endorsements are the BE, B96 and B79 permits. The license is valid for 15 years and can be renewed by taking an administrative procedure.

What kind of interior layout?

The configuration of motorhomes differs from one model to another. Depending on the vehicle you buy, you can have a model equipped with a central bed, a French bed, an L-shaped or a face-to-face living room…

Sleeping inside

The sleeping system in a motorhome can be composed of a central bed and a transverse bed.

The living room and kitchen area

The interior of a motorhome can have a living room, a kitchen… Hang your cooking utensils.