Camping Grill – Don’t Go Hungry On Your Next Camping Trip

Unless you want to cook over an open fire using a stick and some meat, a camping grill is a portable, convenient solution. With the many and varied se... Unless you want to cook over an open fire using a stick and some meat, a camping grill is a portable, convenient solution. With the many and varied selection you have to choose from, cooking outdoors can be as easy as cooking at home. Well, maybe not quite as easy, but pretty close. When choosing a camping grill, it really comes down to how many people your cooking for and what size is most convenient. Most portable grills can cook for a small group of people out camping and are small enough to pack away with the rest of your camping equipment. Here are two excellent camping grills that will satisfy most campers’ needs when it comes to cooking on a camping trip.

Weber Baby Q (Q 100) Portable Gas Grill

With 189 square inches of cooking space, you can’t go wrong with the Weber Baby Q. With that much cooking space packed into such a small appliance, a push-button ignition and an easily and infinitely adjustable burner, you’ll have steaks, burgers and chicken in no time. Why people love it: Basically, people love everything about this grill. Easily assembled, convenient size with a surprisingly large cooking area space and impressive grill marks. One thing people were really impressed with was the extreme ease with which this grill is started. Simply turn the regulator knob to start and push the igniter and your in business! Why people don’t love it: One minor complaint was the use of the 14.1 OZ propane container. The complaint pertained to the lack of availability of these smaller containers which results in having to use the larger 16.4 OZ containers. One solution is to bend the support rind to accomodate the 16.4 OZ containers.

Cobb Premier Grill

If you prefer the taste of charcoal grilled food, you may want to consider the Cobb Premier Grill. This grill not only grills but can bake, roast, smoke and fry. It boasts a stainless steel base, and only weighs 9 pounds. With only 8 charcoals you can cook for up to three hours for about four people (depending on how hungry each person is). Why people love it: People love it’s size, it’s ease of set up and it versatility. One loved feature is the included moat. This is handy for specific results when cooking, such as beer can chicken or just adding moisture to your choice of meat. The Cobb Premier Grill is also extremely portable, even while cooking. Owners love the fact that the outside stays cool while cooking, which also makes it safe for children. Why people don’t love it: While putting water or cooking spray in the moat can help, owners complain that cleaning this grill is not easy. Another complaint is that the cooking heat doesn’t allow for fast cooking and may require some patience. Lastly, the price isn’t the most budget friendly. Both grills are excellent for any outdoor event, especially camping. Find one that suits your camping needs and please, save a cheeseburger for me!

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