Camping Mobile Home Holidays

The great outdoors doesn’t have to be a completely primitive experience. A lot of people love to camp, but don’t really like the hassle of tents, backpacks and building a fire. If you’re not looking for a “Man vs. Wild” experience, a great way to experience the joys of camping with the comfort and convenience of home, is a camping mobile home holiday. Camping mobile home holidays take all the work out of camping without taking out all the fun. Granted, a lot of people love the difficulties of camping, but we’ll leave that to the boy and girl scouts. If you choose to take a camping mobile home holiday, you have a lot of options. The really great thing is, you can travel out of the United States and see some beautiful countries while experiencing the camping life. Here are 3 great websites that offer camping mobile home holidays within and outside the U.S.


Don’t let the name fool you, Eurocamp does offer camping accommodations in the U.S. If you’re ready for an overseas experience, they offer affordable rates for travel all over the world. While camping isn’t all they do, they offer a wide variety of lodges and mobile homes for an exciting and fun camping experience.

Canvas Holidays

If you’re looking for an even wider variety, Canvas Holidays has what you’re looking for. Actually, you’re not limited to just mobile homes. Here are some of the awesome accommodations to choose from:
  • Spacious Maxi Tent
  • Luxury lodges
  • Fairytale cottages
  • Roulottes de Campagne
  • Treehouses
You read that last one correctly. You can really get away, and up high, in a treehouse Château des Marais, Chambord. All in all, Canvas Holidays offers plenty of unique ways to get away on an exciting camping adventure.

The Travel Service

If you’re looking for something for just the two of you, or even something by yourself, The Travel Service will work perfect. They offer 2 room camping mobile homes throughout Europe that include a kitchen, a shower room and some even have a wooden sun deck for outdoor dining and maybe a barbecue! A camping mobile home holiday may be just what you need to experience camping with all the luxuries of home. Each website mentioned is easy to use and provide more than enough information to help you plan you next camping trip.

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