Camping Shops

Yes, camping holds within it an experience we just can’t get any other way. That is why we love it. But don’t we love buying camping equipment too? When I walk into camping shops, my adrenaline starts pumping and I’m ready to prepare for my camping excursion. It is just part of the ritual, and I love it. What Are the Camping Shops for You?
  • Mom and Pop Camping Shops: These stores are without a doubt a terrific option for purchasing your camping equipment. The biggest appeal to shopping at a local mom-and-pop shop is the customer service. The local camping store I frequent is located downtown and I love to make a day out of it. And I can too, because the owner gives me as much attention as I need and really gives me the low down on the products he offers. These smaller stores are also great about ordering you any equipment that don’t have in stock. My local store will set up a tent in the middle of the shop to show me how to set it up if need be. If you want great personal service and as much information on products as you can handle, shop mom-and-pop camping shops.
  • Chain Camping Shops: Though I don’t prefer chain stores, I do go to them from time to time. A chain store just gives me a feeling of loneliness, that I am on my own. And as much as I would like to say that I know all the ins and outs of camping equipment, I don’t. And sometimes I need suggestions and demonstrations on how to use the products. However, I have visited chain camping shops that had very knowledgeable and helpful employees. One great aspect of chain is that they have a variety of products and often have great deals, sales, and accept coupons. And I have to admit, when I see a huge warehouse chain store filled to the brim with camping equipment, I go near ballistic with enthusiasm. If you want great deals and lots of variety, visit a chain camping shop.
  • Department Camping Shops: The great things about these stores is that you can get your camping equipment (well, some, depending on what they offer) and your fabric softener all in one trip. These stores also have fabulous deals, but certainly not a lot of options. The camping section in department stores is small, but it is a great place to just pick up small items you may need. If you already have a majority of your camping equipment and you need to just pick up a few items, department stores are a convenient and typically inexpensive shop to do just that!
Do you have favorite camping shops? Let us know where you buy all your lovely camping goodies by leaving a comment. Surely many of you shop online, let us know your experiences with camping shopping on the net.

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