Camping Sporting Goods

Those who love to camp, obviously, love to get active.  From fishing to shooting to bow hunting;  there is no limit to fun in the great outdoors.  There is also much to consider when purchasing your camping sporting goods.  Here are some great websites that are chock-full of tips, reviews, and how-to’s.  Enjoy.
  • Survivalist Boards–This site is full of survivalist discussions in all forms.  Join the Firearms and Other Weapons Forum to share information on and learn about topics ranging from primitive weapons to boating and fishing. The Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum is also an invaluable resource.  Join the family and get in on the conversation.  If you prefer not to be a part of the interactive community, check out the videos, reviews, and articles this site offers as well.
  • Whitetail Woods–Rick Kratzke loves to hunt and fish. . .and it shows!  I dare say that even if you are not interested in these activities or in camping sporting goods at all, you will still be interested in reading this blog.  His write-ups range from informative, skill-teaching posts to beautiful articles on his love for the outdoors. In one day, I learned how to clean a trout and fell in love with an Eastern Gray Squirrel.  No doubt about it, you will be hooked on this blog. . . I certainly am.
  •– This site is full of activity guides from fishing to shooting to cycling and more.  Check out the destination and gear guides too. Here you will gain knowledge of camping sporting goods and much more.  However, I must say, when it comes to such articles as bear hunting and shark fishing –definitely get some real life training for those endeavors and read the articles simply for pleasure.
IMPORTANT: Remember to keep everything legal when you are in the great outdoors.  We are all wilderness lovers and we want to keep it safe and beautiful for generations to come. Visit your state’s DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCE or WILDLIFE RESOURCES COMMISSION (just type these keywords, along with your state’s name, in your browser) Websites. Here, you will find information about your state’s community fishing program, obtain game land maps, get accurate waterway info, and find out about needed licensure, permits, registration.  You can also get trail information here too.  This is the best way to make sure you are using your camping sporting goods in a lawful and safe way.

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