Get Ready For Yosemite Camping

Making plans to experience Yosemite camping? Great. You won't regret it, but let's take a look a some things to consider and some things to look forwa... Making plans to experience Yosemite camping? Great. You won’t regret it, but let’s take a look a some things to consider and some things to look forward to with Yosemite camping. A little preparation will make you adventure all the better.

Yosemite Camping: What to Consider …

Yosemite gets busy, REALLY busy. Here are some resources that will help you navigate through Yosemite without getting lost in the camping crowd. If you are considering Yosemite camping during the peak camping months, you will need to make reservations. Take a look at to get all the information required to ensure that you get the camping spot you want. But call ahead, campsites are usually reserved within moments of availability. If you like a little more privacy and want to enjoy the connection with wilderness made through hiking, considering backpacking. You will have to get a permit for wilderness Yosemite camping, and it is of utmost importance that you understand and abide by all the rules and regulations. Visit for detailed information. Taking the time to research campgrounds for your Yosemite camping trip could be the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a trip to hell. Read Best Places to Camp in Yosemite and Where to Camp When Yosemite is Full at for some terrific information. Also take a moment to read about camping inside and outside of Yosemite at

Yosemite Camping: What to Look Forward to …

There is a reason why Yosemite camping is so popular, in fact there are tons of reason all of which are experiencing material, not reading material. So, get out there and experience Yosemite. Here are a few highlights (be sure to let us know about your highlights when you return!): Yosemite camping is know for breathtaking waterfalls, granite cliffs, and Giant Sequoia Groves. Take a moment to get excited about your upcoming adventuring by admiring Ansel Adam’s images of Yosemite. In fact, you can visit the gallery while you are there, but true magic will happen when you make your own images in Yosemite. Ready to set your eyes on draw-dropping sunsets at Glacier Point? Of course you are, but here are some pictures to warm you up from But don’t stop there, browse this helpful site to find information about entrance fees, road construction, gas prices, photography workshops, and how to get those prime camping sites when so often they are booked moments after they are available. Also visit A Guide to Yosemite National Park to find out about dining and preparation for your trip. Ready for hiking while Yosemite camping? Visit for pictures, videos, and guides of hikers who have been on the trails and are ready to share their wisdom. Have you experience Yosemite camping? Leave a comment and let us and our readers know all about it. Be sure to let us know what resources you used to prepare for your Yosemite camping trip.

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