Hiking Tent

If you are camping, you are going to have to concern yourself with shelter.  Tents are the usual go-to shelter when camping, but if you’re backpacking to the campsite a hiking tent is in order.  Weight is very important to the backpacker, so education is key to picking out the perfect hiking tent. Visit these helpful websites to decide the best hiking tent for you:
  • Yahoo Tent Camping Group–With over 4,000 members who truly love tents–you are sure to meet some hiking tent enthusiasts.  This site cracks down on spammers, so get ready to have some real conversations.  Bring your questions! These folks are sure to know the best hiking tents to buy as well as where to find the greatest deals.
  • Backpacker–Take your time with this website as you will find much more than just your perfect hiking tent. Watch this video to discover the Editor’s Choice for a tent in 2010.  And if you have any questions (not limited to hiking tents, either) just Ask The Expert (found on Gear page). This is a great site, browse and learn, learn, learn.
  • Hiking Trip Reports–You will love the wealth of hiking and camping information as well as the personable articles found here.  Learn how to choose the right hiking tent.  Check out gear reviews, hiking tips, and so much more.  This is a site that you will want to read on a weekly basis.  Look into the great links posted too.  This entire site is invaluable!
Now that you know how to pick out the best hiking tent for you and where to buy that hiking tent; it is time to decide where you are going to use your new hiking tent.
  • Forest Camping–Search by state, National forest, or campground.  This site gives you all the information you need whether you are an RVer, hiker, camper, or want to canoe, fish or bird watch.  Join the forum to build a camping family of your own.
  • Reserve America–This website is the perfect resource for putting that hiking tent to use.  Access links to get a hunting and fishing license in any state and discover highlights of state parks too!
  • Every Trail–Well, you certainly can’t go for a great hike without visiting this site first.  Find out about hiking trails from all over the world from the very person who has hiked it.  The pictures alone will inspire you to put your hiking shoes on immediately.  This site has detailed maps, trail descriptions, forums and even mobile apps.   Take advantage of this site.  And once you have hiked a trail and used your new hiking tent, tell Every Trail all about it.

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