The Importance of Fun: Camping and Much More!

It has been said by many a good parent that the “job” of their child is to have fun. That is true, but the error occurs when we don't bring that ... It has been said by many a good parent that the “job” of their child is to have fun. That is true, but the error occurs when we don’t bring that into adulthood. There is great importance in fun. A little fun incorporated into everyday will spread like wildfire and you will begin to thrive. Many of us think we are not responsible adults unless we take things very seriously, but that serious and heavy nature drastically diminishes the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us. Often, when we are very serious about our lives and allow ourselves to be whipped around by that voice in the head that says “you’re not doing enough”, we become exhausted. And only then do we allow ourselves to relax. Usually, this relaxation takes place in the form of watching excessive amounts of t.v., drinking or eating too much, or just starring at a blank wall. This is not relaxing—this is death with breath. Fun is relaxing. Joy is relaxing. Relaxing is about rejuvenation and a zest for life. Have fun to relax. Make it a priority. Here are some ideas. . .let us know some of yours! 1.Have fun in a treehouse. Oh yes, the magic and adventure of tree houses never leave us. Build your own– (great advice, plans, forums, links to other wonderful sites and more!) or visit someone else’s— 2.Swing! This never gets old and it gives you that wonderful butterfly feeling (first-date-butterflies not getting-caught-cheating-butterflies). Build your own— or use someone else’s (like the one swung by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark)– 3.Ride a bike. Pop a wheelie in your neighborhood or pop several all over the world— You will feel like a badass . . .and that’s fun! 4.Explore and play pretend! Remember those hours spent in the back yard digging to China? You can still play war with your pals and get your adrenaline pumping with a game of paintball. Find a great field near you— All little girls want a pony and all little boys want to be a cowboy (or vice versa). Keep the dream alive and learn to ride. Find a stable near you— Turn off the adventure movies and start having one, explore natural wonders and oddities near, or far away from, you— 5.Embrace simplicity. When you were a child, complete thrill could be found in tadpoles swimming in a puddle, total joy was in the climbing of a tree, and absolute peace was experienced through gazing at and wondering about the stars. Those feelings were in you and they still are. Get outside and experience that curiosity and appreciation and wonder that is in you and wants to be let loose. . .again.

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