Camping Meals

Ah yes, food!  No matter your relationship with it, food is unavoidable.  Most campers have a great love for food–who wouldn’t after a day of hiking, fishing, paddling,  hunting, or simply lounging in a camping hammock with a good book? Whatever your activities at the campsite by day, you are sure to be ravenous by nightfall. Check out these great resources that will make your next camping trip a delectable one:
  • Quiet Journey–OK, this is a blog about canoeing in Ontario’s Quetico Park, but it moonlights as one of the best resources for camping meals around.  Join the forum to discuss “what’s cooking”.  You are sure to leave with more cooking tips then you’ll ever need.  The best part of the site is the Camping Recipe page.  It is categorized to direct you to breakfast meals, lunch recipes, fish delicacies, and so much more.  Each recipe is equipped with all the camp cooking know-how you will need.
  • NPR–Read the article Forget The Granola: Camp Cooking Goes Gourmet to learn recipes that you will want to eat at home, as well as at the campsite.  Written by Nicole Spiridakis, a food blogger, this camping meals write-up will give you great tips and will surely make you King Chef of the Outdoors. Hoorah! Just listen to this camping dish: Whole Wheat Penne with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Chard. It’s probably a safe assumption that as soon as you read the words “penne with sun-dried”, you immediately threw out all your ramen noodle packages.  Good for you!
  • Camp Chef–You will love the blogs featuring detailed cooking tips and some fun stuff that, well, doesn’t always have a lot to do with cooking, but always leads back to it.  Find recipes, helpful pics, and videos.  Camp Chef has products from fire pits to dutch ovens.  All great cooking equipment for tailgating to camping (though don’t try to backpack any of this stuff–look for lightweight cooking gear at REI).
  • –Loads of yummy and simple recipes for camping meals.  Recipes also include tips and easy to understand cooking instructions.  They really know how to keep it short and sweet here.  Many of these recipes are perfect for backpackers–it’s just not practical for backcountry campers to camp in loads of ingredients.
  • Mountain House–For the camper who needs convenience.  Just add hot water and presto, a meal for two. And they are tasty, too–no joke! I recommend the lasagna, it is a personal favorite.

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