Hammock Camping

Hammocks really enhance any camping adventure.  They are lightweight (great for backcountry camping) and easy to set up.  Hammocks offer an extremely comfortable camping bed to sleep in as well as the perfect chair to sit in during the day. No need for a heavy and awkward folding chair or an aching butt from lounging on a rock all day.  I love to gently swing in mine while reading a book (don’t have to go camping to do that, just go in the yard). After my first hammock camping experience, I nearly got rid of my bed and couch in favor of setting up camping hammocks throughout my apartment.  No joke! But don’t take my word for it, check out these websites to get the best hammock camping information available.  And, remember, there is no substitute for personal experience.  Get out there and camp!
  • Yahoo Hammock Camping Group–Join this group to get in touch with other hammock lovers.  Learn from experienced hammock campers and share what you know of the subject as well.  With over 2,000 members, you are bound to find some new camping pals.
  • Practical Backpacking–This is a great site for backpackers, so be sure to browse around after listening to the Hammocks 101 podcast.
  • Warbonnet Outdoors–This site is dedicated to hammock camping, and you can tell these hammock lovers really know their stuff. Buy hammock and hammock accessories here including quilts, tarps, and more. Educate yourself with their maintenance and review pages.
  • Hammock Forums–Many campers love camping because of the deep sense of community.  There is something wonderful about the wisdom shared between campers.  An experienced camper enjoys sharing his or her knowledge with a novice as much as the novice enjoys learning.  Camping is community. Campers looks out for one another.  That is why we love it so! Join the community.
  • To The Woods–Educate yourself by reading Jeff’s (one of the founders of Hammock Forums) thoughts on hammock camping and more. This site includes helpful pictures as well as invaluable tips on how to hammock camp in inclement weather.  Check out the links he provides to other great camping websites.
  • Hennessy Hammock–This website provides a wealth of information as well as useful product videos.  Learn how your hammock can be a benefit to you whether you are in the jungle, find yourself in a disaster,  or traveling via kayak or bike.  Hennessy Hammock has a fun poetry section too.
  • Whiteblaze–Do you love the Appalachian trial? Do you love hammocks? Do you love community?  Well, then join the Hammock camping forum at Whiteblaze.
  • The Place With No Name–Learn the benefits of hammock camping as well as when to use a tent instead.  Read about the history of hammocks too.  A great aspect of this site is a weight chart to know the weight of different hammocks along with accessories–perfect for the lightweight backpacker.

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