Family Camping Tents: Reviews

Looking to take the people you love the most to the great outdoors? Well, preparation is the key. Here is a look at family camping tents to get you on your way: Coleman Red Canyon 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person Modified Dome Tent Why You’ll Love It …
  • This family camping tent is not only very spacious and easy to set up, but it also comes at a reasonable price.
  • It is also well-ventilated and holds up well in wet weather, though some users saying that sealing is a must.
  • The tent also comes with privacy walls, as well as a welcome mat and pockets to put all your tiny must-haves.

What You Need to Be Aware Of …

  • Be sure to seal this family camping tent and use it for the warmer months.
  • Take the time to invest in extra durable tent stakes.
  • Some users complain about the rain-fly coverage and look for any tears before you go to the campsite.
Ozark Trail 3-Room XL Vacation Lodge Camping Tent Why You’ll Love It …
  • While on the lookout for family camping tents, you’ll enjoy this one for its spaciousness and easy set-up. Save time setting up camp with this one and then jump inside, and take advantage of all that room.
  • This tent is a great deal and if every one who stays in the tent pays their portion, each person will fork-out close to nothing.
  • You’ll love the comfort of this tent, and be sure to bring your air mattresses–there is more than enough room for them. Need privacy? No problem, privacy partitions are included.

What You Need to Be Aware Of …

  • If your preference for family camping tents include a secure front door, you’re out of luck with this one. Only the screen door zips and the front flap doubles as an awning.
  • And as always, take the time to seal those seams. We all know the old adage: better safe than sorry and it’s always safer to use this adage when it comes to camping.
  • < Some users swear by this tent in windy weather, while others complain that the poles aren't sturdy at all. Your best bet is to set this tent up only in light to moderate wind. And speaking of wind, some users complain that the zippers on the windows clang together in light wind. This is only a problem if noise is annoying to you.
Eureka! Copper Canyon 1512 Twelve-Person 15-Foot by 12-Foot Family Tent

Why You’ll Love It …

  • If you need great ventilation in your family camping tents, than this is the tent for you. And like always, we suggest that you seal the seams of any tent, but many users claim this tent keeps you bone dry in wet weather without sealant.
  • This tent is attractive, well-made and easy to set-up, but get some help. There are some features that need two people when assembling.
  • If you need the best of both worlds with family camping tents, you’ll enjoy the comfort of this tent with privacy doors which allow you to leave the tent without disturbing your tent mates on the other side of the privacy curtain. But you’ll also love looking at the stars through the sky-gazing ceiling while you rest at night.

What You Need to Be Aware Of …

  • Invest in sturdier stakes before camping out with this family camping tent and remember to protect the floor with a ground cloth or tarp. Many users complain that this tent’s floor is too thin for proper protection.
  • Use this tent in warmer weather, its great ventilation isn’t going to seem so great if you come across a cold winter night.

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